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Helen Sharkey is a professional visual artist and an independent socio-cultural academic researcher whose current arts

research is focused on pop-up visual arts programmes centred in non-traditional public spaces. She offers informal arts

education for 'others' with her real time, live arts/craft workshops and demonstrations at St. George's Market (Belfast)

at "Strangford Lough Gallery" most Friday, Saturday & Sundays from 10 am-2pm, in Belfast City, Northern Ireland, UK.

She has been doing these arts demonstrations from 2015 as "real time" research into expanding arts access & production.


Helen also creates in mixed media as well as the traditional mediums of cast metals, textile art (dry felting), painting and

collage, drawing, print-making and felted high-relief sculptures. Over the decades, Helen has managed and facilitated many

statutory, community and voluntary-arts and crafts workshops all over N. Ireland, USA and at UK and ROI festivals and she

has exhibited her work at many past workshops at fairs and retail locations in N. Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland.



Helen is a professionally trained visual artist and researcher who has had many group and solo arts exhibitions in the UK,  

Ireland, Europe, Australia, USA and Japan and is currently the owner of the Strangford Lough Gallery at St. George's Market

in Belfast, open to the public every Friday (9am-3pm), Saturday (9am-3pm) and Sunday (10am-4pm) on E.Bridge Street.  

She works regularly on art research and can be contaced on Tel: (44) 07909978426  or  Email: helensharley@hotmail.com