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Helen Sharkey is a practicing visual artist and an independent socio-cultural academic researcher. She creates in mixed media as well as the traditional mediums of cast metals, wood, clay, plaster, plastics, canvas and paint, collage, drawing, print-making and dry needle felting textiles and sculptures. Over the decades, Helen has facilitated many community-based arts/ crafts workshops in N. Ireland and at European festivals, fairs and retail locations. Currently she facilitates free arts/craft workshops at St. George's Market, Belfast every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Since moving to Mahee Island, Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland; her ongoing art work themes include stylised symbolism using patterns to highlight positive and negative space and these art works reflect renewed awareness of the ever shifting weather and the coastal tide's imapact around her. These stylised landscapes have imagined skies that infer the sea's play with light. Other current art work (Karmic Curtains) focuses on the human-animal presence within the layering of archaeological strata, highlighting various levels of conscious and sub-conscious awareness including karmic patterns or loops in life.


Helen is a professionally trained visual artist who has had many group and solo arts exhibitions in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, USA and Japan and is currently at the Strangford Lough Gallery at St. George's Market in Belfast, open to the public every Friday (8am-3pm), Saturday (9am-3pm) and Sunday (10am-4pm) at the East Bridge Street entrance of the building. Helen works regularly on art commissions and can be contaced on Tel: (44) 07909978426.