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PhD: PARTNERSHIPS IN CREATIVE ARTS PARTICIPATION, School of Art, Design and the Built Environment, Research Graduate Institute, University of Ulster, Belfast. Doctorate title: 'Towards a twentieth century participatory arts archive of Northern Ireland'. Volume One is a chronological archive database spanning 100 years of the field of participatory arts; an active member of the informal education movement of community development in N. Ireland, ROI and the UK. Emphasis is on multi arts praxis with 1,442 organisations named; when they started, their focus/ disciplines, location and county with reference source named. Volume Two is a historical narrative of "other" multi-arts praxis, recreating the memory of over a century of innovative education methodology and socio-cultural programme provisions from statutory, community, voluntary sectors to disenfranchised demographics. Long term field evaluation was primarily qualitative. It focused on community-of-interests achieving social gains, extending perceived ‘heritage of identity’ using literary arts, dance, drama,  visual arts, music and song/voice.


M.A: CULTURAL HERITAGES / MUSEUM STUDIES, Academyof Irish Cultural Heritages, Ulster University, Belfast. Major: Cultural perspectives in cultural heritage identity.Minor: Museum theory /Practice Thesis: Arts participant’s gains. 2 years p/t.


M.F.A: SCULPTURE, Maryland Institute, College of Art and Design, Baltimore,  USA. Major: Sculpture theory, arts education and studio practice. Minor: Fine arts practice /Aesthetics. MA Thesis: ‘Contemporary Trends in World Ceramics’.2 yrs fulltime


B.A. Hons.: GENERAL FINE ART, University of Ulster, Belfast Campus, Northern Ireland, UK. BA Hons Dissertation:‘Jarlshof: The multi period archaeological site in Shetlands’. Major: Fine Art theory and practice. Minor: Archaeological themed ceramics. 4yrs full time.


1st Class Apprenticeship, Non Ferrous Metal Casting, Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture and Fine Arts Foundry, Princeton/ Mercerville, New Jersey, USA. Learnt Cire Perdue,  Bronze Metal and Wax Castings. 2 years full time.