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"St. George's Market's NMTF Committee's proposals for a Specialist annual Summer Seasonal 3-day Market/ from July to August".

"Non-Traditional Retail Praxis for NI Creative Cluster Practitioners: What St. George's Market does Best". Article for BCC.



"What Belfast does best: The St. George's Market Phenomenon". Sharkey, H. Creative cluster partnerships between Belfast City Council and others. Commissioned article for the BCC Development Committee highlighting the development of UK's Best Large Indoor Market and its sucessful management formula that contributed to the current market's recognition by global organisations.


"100 years of participatory arts", Sharkey, H., in 'CAN: World Community Arts Day', Spring issue, CAF, Belfast. Community sector and voluntary sector participatory arts journal with a global focus. Commissioned article outlining multi arts praxis of the past and present participatory arts fields  with ostricised demographics in N. Ireland, from the mid-nineteenth through the twentieth century.


'About the people, by the people'; 'Without Walls: Living Memorial Museum', Sharkey, H., 2007, edited by L. Pubrick, Healing Through Remembering (HTR publication), Belfast. Architecture/ arts/ community memorials/ victims’ recourse to proposed Memorial Centre. I suggested NO to the creation of a highly contensious Conflict Museum and recomendationed the provision of free public access to newly created Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Clinics; helping victims and families of N. Ireland's past 30 year Civil Conflict.


"Partnerships in Creative Arts Participation".  100 year archive and historical narrative of  Participatory Multi Arts Field Praxis.

PhD., University of Ulster, Belfast, N. Ireland. School of Art, Design and the Built Environment, Research Graduate Institute. Original PhD doctorate title was called: 'Towards a twentieth century participatory arts archive of Northern Ireland'. Volume One is a chronological archive database spanning 100 years of the field of participatory arts. Volume Two is a historical narrative, recreating the memory of over a century of innovative education methodology and socio-cultural programme provisions from statutory, community, voluntary sectors to disenfranchised demographics using literary arts, dance, drama,  visual arts, music and voice/ song.